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Need a Stripe Replacement Piece:
Replacement pieces are available for most products
to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER within ONE YEAR from purchase.

NOTE Not all products are NOT eligible for replacement pieces.
Minimum replacement piece order charge $30


          The product Number. 
          Decal section you need.
          Your Name, Address and Phone number.
          We will look up your purchase and contact you.
          EMAIL request to:
Send us a photo:
 Q & A:  Helpful Information
  • Can I clear coat over my decals?  NO.. NO.. NO.
      Stripes and decals were not made to clear coat over.
  • Do you make custom stripes and decals?  NO.
  • Can you modify a licensed product?  NO.
  • Can I get a product in a custom color?  Not Always.
      Custom colors are available if listed on the product page.
  • How long will my stripe or decal last?  Good Question.
      We use High Quality material to manufacture our products.
      With the correct installation and proper care they will last 5 or more years.
      Some will last much longer with care.
  • Will my decal peal or crack?  Shouldn't !!!
      Cleaning vehicle is the key... Do a great job cleaning then do it again.
  • Can I use an ice scraper on my decals?  NO... you will destroy them.
  • Can I wax my stripes and decals?  Maybe.
      Read the information on the product to se if it can be used on vinyl products. 
      Try a test area first in the seam of a door, hood or trunk lid.
      Some metallic vinyl react badly to some waxes and polishes.

  • Can I hire a body shop or sign shop to do my install?  Yes.
      Make sure they can install High Performance Vinyl. We do not use Wrap Vinyl.
      Remember a real professional lets their work speak for itself, talk to their customers.
  • Can I put this product on a different vehicle? Probably NOT.
      A stripe for a Ford Mustang will not work on a Dodge Challenger.
      A hood decal for a 2005-09 Mustang will not fit on a 2010 Mustang.
      If it specs out a certain year or model there is a reason for it.
  • Tracking shows delivered but I don't have it? Sorry.
      You can call Domestic & International USPS Tracking at:  1-800-222-1811
      Monday-Friday 8 AM - 8:30 PM & Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM Eastern Time
    They can give you the GPS delivery location of your package.
  • Can I modify or cut the decal material?  Yes.
      Many People modify decals.
      I would recommend a sharp razor blade or a sharp pair of scissors.
      Do a practice cut on an unused section to see what works best for you.

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