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*** It is recomended to purchase color samples to know the exact vinyl color. ***

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Opaque - Solid colors NOTE: Carbon Fiber is not available

Metallic - Colors sparkle

Reflective - Reflects light like a stop sign (DOES NOT MATCH STANDARD VINYL COLORS)

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Naphtha Cleaner

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Pro thinner

Alternate product
sold in California:



Pro Thinner Cleaner

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Caution: Many people have told us this
works great but do a test area first
to prevent damage.




Vinyl Information - 3M and Oracal

A lot of people ask us about vinyl material quality.

3M High Performance Cast Vinyl for Automotive Use is what we use. 
         Is it Better than the competition YES !  Does it cost more that the Competition YES !

We also use Oracal for one or two specialty products because 3M does not have that color available.
         We only use Orical 951 series Vinyl.  It is made for automotive use and the best offered.

Don't get FOOLED !!
          Companies or eBay sellers selling low cost stripes and decals are not using the best material.
          Most use Oracal 651 vinyl which is a lower grade intermediate calendered vinyl.
          It is also less that 1/3 the cost of our material.

Is it worth getting a cheaper quality ?
          You decide !




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