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Custom Decals:
    Sorry we do not make or design Custom Stripe and Decals Kits.
    If a product is available in Custom Colors it will be an option on the product page.
        NOTE: Custom colors take 3-5 business days to ship, alth
ough most orders ship in 1-2 days.

Installation Instructions:

Clear Coating Decals:
     Vinyl Manufacturers DO NOT recommend Clear Coating Vinyl Stripes and Decals.

Bubbles and Wrinkles:

Bubble & Wrinkle Help

Reflective Decals:

 Reflective Decals

A lot of people wonder about reflective stripes and decals. 
The above photo shows a Black Reflective Rocker Stripe in the dark with a pair of headlights illuminating the vehicle.
The decal reflects the light like a stop sign.  Reflective material is much more costly to produce than standard decals.

Reflective colors reflect as follows:

Black Reflective reflects White
White Reflective reflects White
Blue Reflective reflects Blue
Red Reflective reflects Red

Yellow Reflective reflects Yellow




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Naphtha Cleaner Quart

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